Yolanda Foster Shares New Lyme Disease Treatment Pics

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster posted photos on Instagram last night while receiving treatment for her chronic Lyme disease.

Yolanda in Treatment
Yolanda Foster in Hospital

Yolanda didn’t mention what type of treatment she is undergoing.

But the mother of Gigi Hadid did caption her photos as such:

“Being Positive in a Negative situation isn’t naive, it’s leadership on a mission…… #DeterminedToFindACure #AffordableForAll #ChronicLymeDiseaseAwareness.”

The former supermodel added, “Until you are broken you don’t really know what you’re made of.”

Yolanda’s battle with Lyme disease is well documented and has caused her to take a break from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  

But she hasn't taken a break in her quest to cure Lyme disease. In May, Yolanda received stem cell treatment in Germany.

During the filming of the most recent reunion show, she was only able to appear for a brief time.  She was too tired and not feeling well enough to film the entire reunion.

There’s no word if Yolanda will be able to return to RHOBH next season.

Some speculate Yolanda is quitting the show at her husband's request, as he is worried the stress of the show is hindering her treatment.

If Yolanda remains on RHOBH, her appearance will likely give viewers an intimate portrait of her journey to find a cure for Lyme disease.

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