Taylor Swift Helps Fans Announce Pregnancy: See the Photo!

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Taylor Swift has made a baby announcement!!!

No, the singer is not expecting her first child.

But Jesse and Lindsey Rasmussen had just gotten ultrasound photos of their precious package when they went to meet Swift during an event sponsored by Jesse’s place of work, 102.3 The Max in Louisville.

So why not have music's most popular superstar help them announce the major news to friends and loved ones?!?

Taylor Swift Baby Announcement

"We had the sign and the pictures with us sort of hidden just in case we chickened out," Jesse tells E! News.

"We were both kind of nervous. Then she walked into the room and just started hugging people. That was the cool thing. She didn't just sort of shake your hand and say hi.

"She comes up and hugs you and thanks you first."

Yup. Sounds like Taylor, doesn't it?

Upon asking Swift to help with their announcement, Jesse says she responded without “a hint of hesitation,” clearly “touched by the request.”

Swift, of course, is well known for her close bond with fans.

Over the past few months, two young fans actually created 1,989 paper cranes in tribute to Taylor's sick mom... while Swift sent a moving letter to another fan whose mother has also been diagnosed with cancer.

"She is a very sweet and genuine person and I hope to meet her again someday so I can express our gratitude and perhaps let her meet our little one (a future Swifty!)," Jesse said.

He added that, following the meet and greet and photo snapping, Swift sent the couple a congratulatory note.

She's the best.

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