Party Down South Star Defends Gun-Baby Photo: See It Here!

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Taylor "Lil Bit" Wright may star on Party Down South.

But the reality star is not in a partying mood at the moment.

Wright has been forced to respond to some heated backlash after she posted a photo on Facebook of her boyfriend, their month-old baby… and a semi-automatic handgun sitting on the nightstand nearby.

Gun and Baby Photo

As you might expect, this image has prompted some critical comments on social media.

But Wright doesn't seem to care. Not at all. Not one bit.

Reminding haters about her 2nd Amendment rights, she wrote in response: "By God I will unload on somebody if they break in and try to hurt me or my family."

Wright also said she keeps her firearm in "safety mode,” though North Carolina law states it's a misdemeanor to leave a gun any place an unsupervised minor could reach it.

Could a month-old child really reach anything? Probably not.

Is Wright and her family really in such imminent danger that they must sleep alongside a loaded weapon? We doubt it.

Vince Vaughn, meanwhile, would likely be totally in favor of this gun possession, while other celebrity gun scandals have included young Jessa Duggar holding an assault rifle in this Facebook picture.

For more from the person who calls herself Lil Bit, you can always watch Party Down South online.

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