Montel Williams RIPS Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Again: So Sinister! So FAKE!

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In the aftermath of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's interview with Fox News' Megyn Kelly, Montel Williams has come out swinging. Again.

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J. Bob Duggar

The TV personality and one of the Duggars' most vocal celebrity critics since the Josh Duggar molestation scandal broke, Montel did not mince words.

The 58-year-old Williams ripped the Duggars on Facebook, writing: "After watching the Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar interview, I'm just stunned."

"They are in denial. Do I feel for their predicament as parents, of course, do I feel for their daughters, of course, I am the father of 3 daughters."

Raising key questions about the Josh Duggar molestation investigation of 2002, he adds, "There is something very sinister beneath the surface."

"These are people who basically said they thought they could be as preachy as they wanted to be just because the records were sealed."

Montel was equally troubled by the fact that Jessa and Jill Duggar were victims of Josh's sexual abuse, yet sought to change the narrative:

"These are people who seemingly minimize what happened in their home and essentially sent a message to their daughters to smile, nod and forgive."

The interview gave the 19 Kids and Counting parents an opportunity to tell their side of the story, but Williams was unmoved to put it mildly.

"Nothing about these people is real. Nothing about these people isn't hypocritical," he sniped, echoing the views of many viewers on Twitter.

He went on explain why "they are in the predicament they are in."

"A) They attempted to sweep it under the rug, and B) They chose to be holier than thou against everyone from LGBT to people that allow their kids to date."

"I don't get these people. I pray for them, but I'll never get how they seemingly don't get what was going on around them?"

When the scandal first broke last month, Montel also took the family to task on social media, ripping Josh as a "world class bigot" and "slimebag."

"Whole family is," he wrote at the time, mocking the Arkansas brood.

"Gay people are the danger to kids? NOPE, JOSH DUGGAR IS."

Enough said?

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