Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar: Did They Design House to Keep Josh Away From the Girls?

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Throughout the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, his parents Michelle and Jim Bob have been criticized for failing to protect their daughters.

Critics feel their "in house" efforts to prevent their son's ongoing abuse of his sisters fell woefully short, but it clearly weighed on their minds.

Duggar Compound

In his recent interview with Megyn Kelly, Jim Bob Duggar defended his failure to report Josh with a variety of excuses rooted in dubious legal reasoning. 

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar insisted that they weren't "mandatory reporters" of the molestation but that claim has since been proven invalid.

In fact, some legal experts feel the Duggars are guilty of child endangerment.

But in fairness, the family did put a good deal of effort into their efforts to stop Josh's persistent sexual assaults personally. Case in point:

Insiders say they may have even designed their famous "Duggar compound" with the goal of keeping Josh away from his sisters in mind.

Jim Bob and Michelle said they created "boundaries and safeguards" to put a stop to the abuse shockingly committed by their eldest child.

Rather literally, as it turns out.

Radar reports that when Jim Bob designed their 7,000-square foot Arkansas home, he did so with Josh's history of molestation in mind.

The house was built in 2006, several years after Josh's counseling had supposedly "cured" him of his sexually abusive tendencies.

Even so, Jim Bob ensured that Josh and the other boys would need to pass through several doors and their parents' room to get to the girls.

The wing of the house in which the girls sleep was at the opposite end, through locked doors and with Jim Bob and Michelle in between.

Some believe the Duggars deserve credit for going to great lengths to ensure that Josh would be physically unable to continue molesting anyone.

Others believe it's an indication that Michelle and Jim Bob lived in fear of Josh's abusive behavior until the day he moved out of their home.

What side are you on?

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