Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Don't Touch My F--king Husband!

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Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Episode 4 continued a string of recent and ridiculous installments with a guest visit by Judge Lynn Toler this week.

What do you do to keep Kendra Wilkinson and the like in line? It's a tall order for sure, but the producers at WE tv stepped up their game to try.

Doing nothing to dispel recent reports that Marriage Boot Camp is the most fabricated of all reality shows (no small feat), Toler came on board.

The fireworks flew fast and furious on Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Episode 4, with K-Dubs actually coming to the defense of her husband.

It was probably staged, just like Kendra's fake fight with her mom, but Wilkinson took Hank Baskett's side when Judge Lynn started to pry.

You'll have to watch Marriage Boot Camp online to really get the full effect here, but plenty of other drama went down on this week's show.

Namely Kendra losing her f--king s--t at Tami Roman.

Apparently unwilling to listen to this fellow cast member quizzing her husband about past cheating allegations, Wilkinson stood by her man.

Or at least read the cue cards really convincingly.

"You gotta be very careful how you talk to him," she warned the Basketball Wives star, who then reached out toward Hank. K-Dubs snapped:

"Don't touch my f--king husband!"

The Situation's better half, Lauren Pesce, said Tami was just trying to let Hank tell his side of the story re: possible Ava London hand jobs.

"And I feel like Tami is just giving Hank the respectful opportunity to say what happened, what didn't happen or 'I don't want to address it.'"

Kendra saw it a bit differently.

"I would advise you that you not stand the f--k up against me," Tami warned Kendra, who retorted simply that "I'm standing the f--k up."

"I would advise that you rethink that because I'm not the bitch that you do that s--t with," Tami said. "Well, I am that bitch!" Kendra said.

"You will be apologizing very soon!" Kendra told Tami, who assured her that this will not be happening, ever: "Bitch, I don't apologize."

And on and on and on it went.

"She's f--king crazy!" Wilkinson told Hank, who actually tried to physically cover mouth and plead with her, "Don't ... stop, stop, stop."

For ratings, she never will.

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