Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Death Wish

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Last week, Kendra Wilkinson was blindsided on the premiere of Marriage Boot Camp, with her mom showing up out of the blue and causing epic drama.

What would the WE tv series do for an encore?!

Well, on Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Episode 2, faux deathbed confessions caused new issues for the (mostly non-) married couples in the house.

Yes, The Situation and his girlfriend are on this season, and their romance seems complicated, and Aubrey O'Day and her man clearly have issues.

It's all about Kendra, though, and we all know it.

Picking up where the explosive premiere left off, Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Episode 2 saw, again, Hank Baskett's "transgressions" come up.

If you recall, Hank and Kendra were on the brink of divorce after the Ava London hand relief scandal, but now seem to have weathered the storm.

This episode entailed a role-playing exercise where K-Dubs is visiting her husband on his deathbed. Was this what helped them get through the pain?

“You are my heart,” Kendra tells Hank, fighting back tears.

“You are my soul. I love you. I will always love you.”

Bet Ava London never told him that.

Of course, Hank is still vaguely telling his wife, and America, that not all reports about his alleged cheating were true ... without really elaborating.

“It was devastating for me because things were being said by tabloids that are completely false,” Baskett said of the scandal that will not go away.

(Because they keep milking it, while dubiously claiming to be victims of Ava and/or the tabloids who spread lies about whatever he did or didn't do.)

Anyway, they seem to be "back to good" now, and Kendra says that when you watch Marriage Boot Camp online, you will see how they got there.

“I never knew what the word forgiveness meant until I did Marriage Boot Camp. That was key,” she said of learning to move on and move forward.

“I thought forgiveness meant to be a slave to the other person and to give in and to give them the power. It's not about that," Wilkinson said.

"Forgiveness, I learned, is about unity. Me not becoming a slave. Me having the power. Not letting anybody or anything from my past control my moment."

“At the end of the day, marriage is not only love it's about caring for them as a person, as a human being and that's what Hank truly deserves."

Feel the magic.

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