Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: Sex Tape Confessions!

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On Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 4 Episode 9, Joseline and Stevie J performed together at the grand opening of Tony and Kalenna's club.

Oh, and we learned that the Mimi Faust sex tape was totes staged all along and not "leaked" ... knock us over with a feather on that one, Mimi.

The most amazing part is that it took Mimi Faust until Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 4 Episode 9 for her to finally confess this to someone.

Her dubious claim that the sex tape was “leaked” after it was lost in luggage on a trip was literally laughable, but she stuck by it for over a year!

Mostly. She did admit that some of tape was ultimately “seasoned” by Vivid, and that she felt pressured by Nikko Smith to go public with it.

Nikko’s wife Margeaux, meanwhile, believed his spin that it was really Mimi running this tawdry, industrial-strength, X-rated shower rod show.

Well, now we know the truth, or at least what she claims is the truth this week: Mimi told Stevie J that she and Nikko made a private sex tape.

It wasn't her intention initially - at least hers - but Nikko suggested they shop it around, so they did so together and created a lame cover story.

As part of that, Nikko chose to take the heat while Mimi played the “victim,” and it worked to create major buzz and make them both wealthy.

They have since split up, of course ... Stevie J, to his credit, was forgiving and kind upon hearing this, having found his inner "zen" in rehab.

He's come a long way from that Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion fight for the ages, though we're still more than a little scared of Joseline.

Later, Mimi went to Margeaux’s art party, where Mimi told her the truth as well. She was annoyed but not shocked; Ariane is another story.

Mimi lied to Ariane for a year, and she felt more than a little betrayed by it; Mimi was not as contrite as she could've been, which hurt as well.

They nearly came to blows, but Margeaux stepped off, wisely. Later, she approached Nikko and said they should separate. Dammmmn.

Meanwhile, after last week's Yung Joc baby mama drama, he met up with Khadiyah, who famously got into it with him on last week's show.

She might be pregnant with his ninth child and become his fifth baby mama, we were told, but it turns out the test is negative. Nice, VH1.

On a much happier note, Ernest, out of prison, proposed Mama Dee at church - with a real engagement ring - after telling Lil Scrappy!

Scrappy is suspicious but supportive, as long as his mother is happy, which she appears to be. Let's all just hope that ring isn't stolen.

Tony and Kalenna are on thin ice after he spends $75,000 of their savings on his nightclub and comes home late without explanation.

That'll do it every time. We see both of them complain about the other to friends, so we're guessing this storyline is just beginning.

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