Lamar Odom: Will He Relapse in Response to Jamie Sangouthai Death?

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Friends, family members and loved ones are very concerned about Lamar Odom.

Following the tragic death of good friend Jamie Sangouthai in Los Angeles on Sunday, those close to the former reality star figure Odom could go in one of two directions:

Sad Lamar Odom
  1. He could view Sangouthai's passing as a wake-up call, especially if the 37-year old really did die of a heroin overdose, as TMZ reports.
  2. He could relapse, falling into a deep and dark despair as a result of losing yet another close acquaintance.

Khloe Kardashian is especially aware that Odom has been unsuccessful in his attempt to kick his drug habit permanently.

She has made no secret of her love for Odom and has taken no steps to finalize their divorce.

We'd have to guess that Khloe has already reached out to her estranged husband and will be keeping a close eye on him in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Odom and Sangouthai attended high school together.

They remained close in the proceeding years, though some believed they remained too close when it came to mutual drug use.

Odom and Sangouthai even filmed a video that went viral in 2013, one that addressed Khloe directly and was clearly made when the friends were high.

Here's to hoping Lamar chooses option number-one from the pair listed above and then he honors his pal's memory by choosing the right path in life.

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