Lamar Odom: Pounding Vodka and Popping Xanax on Flight to Friend's Funeral

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Lamar Odom's struggles with substance abuse have been well-documented over the years (Who could forget that video of Odom smoking crack that surfaced back in 2013.), but the estranged husband of Khloe Kardashian seemed to be getting his life back together in recent months.

Unfortunately, the death of Lamar's friend Jamie Sangouthai has reportedly sent the former NBA star on a bender that friends and family fear he'll never snap out of.

Lamar Odom in Camo

According to Radar Online, Lamar was seen pounding vodka shots and overheard talking about Xanax during a flight from Vegas to Los Angeles for Souganthai's funeral.

“Lamar had two shots of vodka and he told the flight attendant ‘Vodka and Xanax and I should wake up there,'” said one eyewitness. “And he was talking on the phone and told that person that he took Xanax and took two shots.”

Despite the sedatives, Lamar was reportedly "not relaxed" during the short flight:

“He was singing Sade out loud while he was listening to his headphones and he was all over the place," said one onlooker.

“He went to the bathroom three times. He jumped up as soon as the seatbelt light went off...He didn’t sit there; he just kept playing with the seat, pushing it up and down and laughing.”

Interestingly, passengers claim Lamar spoke openly about his troubled relationship with Khloe and his past as a reality TV star:

“He said he never watched the show before he was on it,” said one source.

“He said he thought it was sick when it started. Then the pay checks started. And it wasn’t so bad. He told someone ‘I played for a popular team. We won a bit. And I was married to this woman for a little bit.'”

It's good to hear the Lamar is so friendly with fans. It's a bummer to hear that at 35, he talks about his best days like they're behind him.

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