Lamar Odom: Headed to Rehab After Deaths of Two Closest Friends?

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Last week, Lamar Odom's best friend Jamie Sangouthai died from a bacterial infection after using intravenous drugs.

Yesterday, we learned that 30-year-old Bobby Heyward died from what is believed to be a drug overdose. Heyward was such close friends with Odom and Sangouthai that his final Instagram posts were photos of the three of them together.

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Naturally, the back-to-back tragedies have taken a profound emotional toll on Lamar, who has struggled with addiction himself over the years.

Sources say estranged wife Khloe Kardashian has reached out to Lamar at this difficult time, but she fears her support may not be enough to prevent him from falling back into some of his old, self-destructive habits.

Witnesses on a recent flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles report that Lamar was seen pounding vodka and popping Xanax on his way to Sangouthai's funeral.

Though no autopsy or toxicology reports have been released, insiders say Heyward was likely killed by a similar cocktail of alcohol and prescription pills. 

Now, Radar Online reports that Khloe is ramping up her efforts to convince Lamar to seek treatment before he succumbs to the same fate as his friends.

Sources say Khloe has recruited her family to assist in her efforts, and she's even attempting to convince her reclusive brother Rob to come out of hiding so that he might help Lamar.

Khloe was reportedly close friends with Heyward as well, but those closest to the 30-year-old reality star say her main focus right now is getting Lamar into rehab before it's too late.

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