Kylie Jenner: Throwing Shade at Blac Chyna on Instagram?

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Like some sort of confusing comic book character whose power is the ability to influence millions of teens, Kylie Jenner uses her Instagram page for both good and evil.

Kylie Jenner Takes a Self-Portrait

This week, Kylie gave a shout-out to Caitlyn Jenner, thus making the much-hyped reveal that much easier on her new mom, and encouraging her 1.7 gazillion followers to be accepting of those in the transgender community.

For several months before that, however, Kylie's IG page used devoted to the usual BS. Namely, racy selfies and her ongoing feud with Blac Chyna

In case you've fallen woefully behind on the soap opera that is Kylie's life: Blac Chyna is the ex-fianee and baby mama of Tyga, Kylie's 25-year-old boyfriend.

Tyga and Blac have a son named King (Choosing names is not this famil's strong suit.), and Blac has made it perfectly clear that she's not comfortable with how big of a role 17-year-old Kylie plays in the raising of her only child.

So what does Kylie do? Why, she changes her Instagram name to "King Kylie," of course!

It's a subtle jab, but a significant one, and there's basically no way that Kylie didn't know exactly what she was doing.

We guess the ball's in Blac's court, but instead of firing off some passive-aggressive Instagram post, we're hoping she'll just make good on her promise to fight Kylie when she turns 18.

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