Kylie Jenner: Taking Underwear Selfies, "Not Doin' Sh-t," on Instagram

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We kinda thought that after her older brother made a graphic sexual joke about her on Instagram, Kylie Jenner may be feeling a bit overexposed and might decide to lay low for a couple days.

We kid. You don't get to 26 million followers by being shy:

Kylie Jenner Underwear Selfie on Instagram
Kylie Jenner: Yet Another Underwear Selfie

What we have here is Kylie in her underwear. It's certainly nothing that we haven't seen before, but this time it looks as though she's rocking a pair of men's boxer briefs.

Does this mean Kylie is planning on covering up more as she approaches the ripe old age of 18. Maybe it's her way of saying Tyga has been sleeping over at her new $2.7 million dollar mansion.

Yes, Kylie Jenner bought a $2.7 million mansion. And she's 17. And she spends her weekdays prancing around the house in someone else's underwear and snapping selfies in the mirror.

These are all well-known facts, but we feel it's important to remind you of them sometimes, so that you never forget about the ridiculousness of the world in which we live.

Of course, we're not hating on Kylie. We're told she works hard (by Kardashian-Jenner standards), and there are certainly worse people who have inherited insane amounts of cash. (We're looking at you, Conrad Hilton!)

Besides, after that stunt her brother pulled earlier, it's hard not to feel for the girl. Seriously, Brody, WTF were you thinking?!

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