Kendra Wilkinson Screaming Match with Mom: FAKED For Marriage Boot Camp Ratings!

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Perhaps Holly Madison has a point in saying Kendra Wilkinson is the fakest human being alive in her new memoir Down the Rabbit Hole.

Kendra set her mom Patti up and staged their epic screaming match for the sake of ratings for Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, sources indicate.

It's no secret that Kendra and Patti Wilkinson have a tumultuous history, and that she and Hank could legitimately use a trip to Marriage Boot Camp.

But in Mrs. Baskett's latest stint on TV, she's exploiting both relationships to boost ratings and keep herself relevant, according to insiders.

If you watch Marriage Boot Camp online, you know she was renewing her vows to Hank Baskett when Patti stood up and objected.

The altercation quickly turned into a screaming match between the two women, with Kendra berating Patti, "The devil has eaten your soul!"

All staged, apparently. Shocked? Appalled? Numb to it at this point?

"She invited her mom out to the show," the source tells Radar. "She reached out to her mom and then totally made her mom look ridiculous."

"They were going to have this big reconciliation and that's part of why Patti agreed to do it ... [Patti had no idea] Kendra was going to go off."

"If Patti knew, she would have never done it."

"They didn't even talk one-on-one," the source says of the now-infamous blowup. "It was basically for ratings. Patti was heart broken after that."

Pretty pathetic and shameless, honestly.

So is anything about Kendra and Hank Baskett real? Sources close to them say yes, to a point. But she is a pro at milking it all for TV, good or bad.

"As soon as they talk about canceling the show, something happens like a car crash or having a baby," one insider who knows her dishes.

The thin line is very blurred in other words. Because "Kendra’s always very good at grasping things that are going to continue the show."

That's her claim to fame. Well, and this:

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