Kendall Jenner: Working to Oust Selena Gomez, Free Up Justin Bieber For Hailey Baldwin!

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Kendall Jenner is reportedly trying to break up Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber so that her best friend Hailey Baldwin can get in on that action.

Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner
Selena Gomez Kisses Justin Bieber

Updating a previous report that indicated Kendall thinks Selena is pathetic for still pining for Justin, Jenner now appears to have other motives.

According to insiders, Kendall denies being caught in bed with Bieber by Gomez, or ever hooking up with him, but she is close with the star.

Still, she's no longer friends with Gomez and repeatedly states that she and Justin are not friends, so it's a tad puzzling why she even cares.

Perhaps this better explains her strong, continued interest Justin and Selena: Kendall has Hailey Baldwin's back, and she's smitten with him.

Yup, according to insiders, Kendall is trying to break up Justin and Selena because Justin and Hailey would totes make a much better couple.

Sort of sweet, in a twisted, petty, incredibly immature way. Or course, Jenner's feud with Taylor Swift could be described in similar fashion.

Anyway, asource close to them says, “Kendall is close with Hailey and Justin, and knows they are both the happiest when they are together."

"On the other hand, she and Selena have never gotten along."

"Obviously she wants her two friends to get back together, and that is why she is talking so much behind Selena’s back," the source goes on.

As such, the 19-year-old model "has been trying to play matchmaker and get Justin to ditch Selena and hang out with Hailey again.”

So basically, Kendall Jenner is either the best, most loyal friend ever or the ultimate meddling instigator, depending on your viewpoint.

Whose side are you on? Should Justin date Selena? Hailey?

Should Kendall step up her game to bust up Jelena for entertainment value or just butt out? Does anyone care? Hit the comments!

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