Kate Middleton and Prince William: Renting Place in the Hamptons This Summer?!

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are packing up lil' Prince George and Princess Charlotte and moving to America this summer - specifically, the Hamptons!

At least if you believe this hilarious nonsense ...

Kate and William: Moving to America!

Oh yes. The regal parents of two are said to be “renting a massive Hamptons Estate" and are scheduled to arrive here in the U.S. of A. come July.

The cover goes on to say that the family will be living next door to Steven Spielberg and Paul McCartney, and Kate just knows “that they will love it.”

They probably would ... but seriously, OK!?

Considering that they are, well, royalty, and their family and friends literally own private islands, the rumored Hamptons trip is pretty LOL-tastic.

The tabloid source even acknowledges:

"They've always wanted to have a home somewhere abroad, and have considered everything from Australia to small European islands.”

So they settled on ... Long Island?!

At least this part of the story is believable: “The Queen is not happy at all and that’s putting it mildly. She has all but forbidden this move."

All but forbidden? Call us crazy, but as one of the longest-reigning monarchs in the history of human civilization, she'd likely just forbid it.

In any case, Elizabeth II feels this is a pretty "low-class" idea, not to mention one in which they'd look like "traitors" to their UK subjects.

You know it! Because #MURICA.

Bottom line: This is an awesome article, which at least represents a departure from the normal Middleton fighting with the royal family fare.

Too bad this is bogus, really.

Kate Middleton bikini photos are a thing of beauty, and to bring them across the Atlantic would be a royal marvel worth bowing down to.

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