Justin Theroux: Caught Cheating on Jennifer Aniston?!

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Bush and Clinton are running for president; a Jurassic movie is ruling the summer box office; and Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are on the cover of every tabloid. Yes, the '90s have officially returned.

Earlier today, we told you about how In Touch is spreading a BS rumor that Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting divorced

Now it's Jen's turn, as Star magazine unearths those old "Justin Theroux is cheating" rumors to move some issues on what must be a slow news week. 

Jennifer Aniston Star Magazine Cover

Aniston and Theroux got engaged way back in 2012, but Star is claiming that Jen has "called off the wedding" after finding out that Justin has been hooking up with one of his costars on the HBO drama The Leftovers.

At first, Jen knew only that Justin's side-piece was a blonde co-worker. So she allegedly made a surprise visit to the set and confronted the woman whom she suspected of being her man's "type."

“She immediately asked this blonde if she’d had an affair with Justin," says a supposed witness. "I mean, it was ballsy. This woman was so taken aback, she looked like she was about to die. She just said, ‘No, no,’ and quickly left.” 

This confrontation almost certainly didn't happen, but we will admit that it's a little strange that Jen and Justin still haven't tied the know and they seem to be spending less time together these days.

We're not saying Justin definitely isn't cheating, but we don't think Jen's the type to pull the surprise work drop-in.

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