Jill and Jessa Duggar: Why Did They Come Forward as Victims?

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Last week, Jill and Jessa Duggar confirmed that they were molested by older brother Josh Duggar during an interview with Fox News' Megyn Kelly.

Their names were redacted in the police report, which has since been destroyed, so the question many observers are asking is why they came forward.

Despite the trauma of being subjected to incestuous sexual abuse, Jill and Jessa said that they felt more victimized by the release of the police records.

The now-married girls even went so far as to compare their treatment from the media with the exploitation of porn stars and other objectified females. 

The manner in which Jill and Jessa criticized the media and dismissed Josh's molestation as "mild touching" led many to ponder what motivated them.

Some believe that the girls were motivated to speak out by their desire to shift the focus from their brother to the media and police officials.

There were even rumors that the Duggar sisters were coached (by Mike Huckabee's PR team, no less) prior to their television appearance.

With the future of 19 Kids and Counting in the balance, speculation ran rampant about whether it was a last-ditch effort to save the show.

No, says an anonymous source close to the family, who insists it was Jill's idea to be interviewed and that she and Jessa spoke from the heart.

"She, too, wanted to give an interview," the insider tells People

"Her parents were concerned because they felt she had been through enough, but she was clear ... she never wanted this information public.

"Since [the information] was already out, [Jill] wanted to speak out because so many stories were full of false and sensationalized information."

"She wanted to tell the true story of what had happened."

"How she watched with admiration her parents' thorough response, and how wrong it was for the records to be released to the public." 

The source adds that Jessa was quick to offer her support once it became clear that Jill planned to go through with the interview.

Knowing older sister Jill was going to go public, "Jessa immediately spoke up and said, 'I won't let you do this alone. I'll speak out, also.'"

Jessa, Jill and their parents are the only Duggars who have been interviewed about the scandal, which has dominated headlines for weeks.

There's been no word on when other possible victims, such as Jana Duggar, may speak out, or if Josh Duggar will tell his side of the story.

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