Jill and Jessa Duggar to Megyn Kelly: The Media Exploited Us Like Porn Stars!

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Earlier tonight, Jill and Jessa Duggar were interviewed by Megyn Kelly in a one-hour Fox News special.

The sisters had previously confirmed that they were molested by Josh Duggar, but this was the first time they were given the opportunity to offer their full account of the abuse they endured in 2002 and 2003.

Surprisingly, the sisters seem to bear no ill will toward the older brother who sexually assaulted them on several occasions.

In fact, in the Kelly interview, they stated more than once that they've forgiven Josh for his actions, and they even dismissed his abuse as nothing more than "inappropriate touching" from a young man who was "curious about girls."

At one point, the sisters reminded viewers that they were unaware they were being molested, even when it occurred while they were awake.

“We didn’t even know about it," Jill said when asked about Josh's abuse. She added that her brother was "very sly" in his actions.

As for the media's release of the police report that named Josh as a child molester, both sisters said they were shocked and outraged and believe themselves to be the victims of a conspiracy against their family.

Asked about the police report that was released to In Touch Weekly in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, Jessa stated:

"People that already don't like our family would be the ones to spread this around, and maliciously do so, slanderously do so."

She went on to say that the media should "respect [the family's] wish for things to remain private."

Jill built upon her sister's accusations of slander by stating her belief that parents who have witnessed the Duggars PR nightmare might now stay silent.

Victims might "take a pause before they do something to report ... maybe these other victims will just not even have their situation dealt with."

The sisters then made the argument that the company that owns In Touch - Bauer Media Group - treated them like sex workers:

"The tabloids who released this, they’re used to exploiting women,” Jill said.

"Bauer," Jessa added. "They're a major porn provider. Maybe [that's] their mindset. They’re just used to making objects out of women. Maybe we just didn’t seem any different.”

The Bauer corporation is best known as the publisher of more than 400 magazine titles, most of which are mainstream periodicals, such as In Touch, Grazia and Empire.

In both tonight's interview and Jim Bob and Michelle's earlier conversation with Kelly, the Duggars made the point that they feel more victimized by the media's handling of their situation than by Josh's abusive behavior.

It's a confusing argument, as the family goes from minimizing Josh's actions as "mild touching" (that had been "dealt with" years before the Duggars rose to fame), to describing it as the darkest of family secrets that's tragically been brought to light.

Twitter is already abuzz with media figures bristling at the accusations, as generally when a case of child abuse is reported by a news outlet, the intent is not to shame the victims, but to help in some small way to ensure that justice is served and that the parties responsible are unable to claim further victims.

By making sure the truth - however ugly it may be - is made public, responsible journalists can help to prevent abuse against children from being hidden and hushed-up, as happens far too often in our society.

The Duggar girls stated that they are uncertain whether their family will pursue legal charges against the tabloids they feel are responsible for publicizing Josh's past.

Josh himself has yet to be interviewed account the scandal.

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