Jessica Castro: Married at First Sight Star Fears Husband Ryan De Nino Will KILL HER!

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Jessica Castro of the hit show Married at First Sight is in the middle of a divorce from husband Ryan De Nino, who she says threatened to kill her.

Safe to say it's not working out.

Jessica Castro, Ryan De Nino

Castron filed for a restraining order amid safety concerns after meeting - and marrying - De Nino on the reality show slash social experiment.

Her attorney Marc Rapaport says his client is “terrified for her life.” According to the legal documents, Ryan has threatened twice to kill her.

Castro, a 30-year-old law firm receptionist, and De Nino, a 29-year-old business consultant, appeared on Season 2. It started out so well.

After getting married (at first sight, the show is self-explanatory) in December, they proceeded to live together for several weeks, on camera.

The show's matchmakers have produced some solid marriages, but this wasn't one of them. They broke up in February, and not amicably.

Castro says she caught De Nino cheating on Valentine’s Day, and things unraveled epically from then on, to a downright disturbing degree.

According to Castro, he raved, “I will break you into f--king pieces. I will break your dad into pieces. I will make your whole family disappear."

And, for good measure, "your f--king dog-ass sister’s boyfriend.”

Then, while taping the Married at First Sight reunion show, De Nino allegedly made a Robert Durst "killed them all" style hot mic confession.

According to the petition, De Nino was caught on tape saying, “She’s f--king dead. When I get back to Brooklyn, she’s f--king dead, this girl.”

Castro's attorney added that the nature of the threat was quite “disturbing” in terms of the language chosen as well as the “tone of his voice.”

The attorney stated that currently their focus is to keep Castro and her family safe.

Kinetic Content, the production company of the show, released a statement to People saying they don’t know the details and cannot comment.

“What we can say is that, unfortunately, couples on the show can go through real divorces, and divorce can be difficult,” the statement said.

It continued that Married at First Sight provides the “highest hopes” and “best of intentions” for the couples, and major background checks.

You can't get on the show without extensive psychological testing and third party background investigations, the production company says.

De Nino must be really good at hiding his inner sociopath.

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