Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith: Dropping Charges, Getting Back Together!

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It's only been a week since Jenelle Evans turned herself in to police after allegedly assaulting Nathan Griffith outside of his home in Myrtle Beach.

A few weeks prior, Jenelle dropped charges against Nathan after claiming that he attacked her, and now TMZ reports that Nathan is returning the favor by not pursuing his domestic violence case against her.

If that's not love, we don't know what is!

Nathan and Jenelle Pic

If Jenelle and Nathan were keeping the law out of their relationship because they have a child together and are hoping to co-parent as civilly as possible, we would be applauding their maturity. 

But they're not. No, they're making the classic mistake of horribly troubled couples the world over and ignoring all of the many signs that they should stay as far away from one another as possible.

Yes, Jenelle and Nathan are getting back together.

They've already survived arrests, restraining orders, countless breakups and that bizarre video in which Jenelle wished death upon Nathan's brother, so why not give it another shot, right?

Don't bother trying to answer that question. By our count, there are roughly 47 billion reasons these two should stay broken up, but level-headed reasoning isn't exactly Jenelle's strong suit.

Good luck, you crazy kids!

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