Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson: Driven Apart By Hank Baskett?!

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In Holly Madison’s new memoir, she calls Kendra Wilkinson the fakest person ever for denying they ever had a real friendship in the Playboy Mansion.

But Madison, who also puts Hugh Hefner on blast in Down the Rabbit Hole, isn't telling the whole story, according to sources close to Kendra. How so?

Holly Madison of Playboy Fame
Hank and Kendra W. Baskett

After The Girls Next Door ended, Madison claimed Wilkson sent her a nasty text saying, "WHO ARE YOU???? I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU!"


In the book, Madison says she was "hurt and confused" by Wilkinson's cold shoulder. But insiders say it was Hank Baskett who made her sever ties.

"I remember Kendra sending that text [to Holly]," the source said, recalling that fateful day. "We had an appearance at Wet Republic in Vegas."

"Kevin Burns, the producer for Holly's World and Kendra's show, wanted Holly to make an appearance at Wet Republic. Kendra flipped out."

Kendra was told by her management to reach out "to Holly and mend fences for the appearance, [but] Kendra wanted no part of it," said the source.

Despite Wilkinson's ALL CAPS shade, she actually used to be pretty good friends with Madison inside the Mansion. "They were very close."

But when Wilkinson met Baskett, it was all over. Why?

"Kendra completely changed," the friend said. "It wasn't just the end of the show. She was sneaking out with Hank. Hank had a large part of that."

"He wanted no ties to anyone from her Playboy lifestyle," which is ironic, seeing as "that's how Kendra and Hank got together," the friend adds.

Wilkinson has always been attracted to powerful men.

"A lot of it has to do with the fact that Kendra lacked a father figure," the friend claimed. "She sought father figures in the relationships that she was in."

When Baskett asked her to leave her Playboy life behind, "She did what he asked ... there was a huge change from the Kendra we all knew at Playboy."

"Kendra kind of ran Hank for a time, but once they got engaged, it all changed. The day he proposed in Seattle was the day we lost the Kendra we knew."

"This would never have been the Kendra we knew before Hank," the source said. "This is the way she does things now and it's very unfortunate."

"Her relationship with [her mother and brother] Patti and Colin was never the same. The relationships with her friends and family were never the same."

"She basically takes a very tight circle."

"You just don't tell Kendra anything negative or she's doing something wrong. You either agree with Kendra or you are cut out of the circle."

"If you talk down on her or say anything other than what she wants to hear, she will rip you now. She will make you feel about 2 inches tall."

"That is her defense mechanism," said the source, lamenting that now, "Kendra doesn't have friends around her that aren't on her payroll."

While Madison contemplated suicide as Hugh Hefner's girlfriend, she says, being spurned by her friend caused almost as much anguish.

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