George Moss Receives Props for Backstage Photo; What Did the Rapper Do?

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#ThugLyfe? For George Moss, it's more like #DadLyfe.

The artist posted a Facevook photo of himself backstage after a concert on Monday, writing as a funny caption to the image:

“If you ever wonder what rappers do when they get off stage, they clean breast pumps for their wives so their baby can eat."

George Moss Picture

The picture, as you can see, depicts Moss in a bathroom selfie, holding his wife’s breast pump attachments after a performance.

Simple enough, right?

Yes, but the post has been Liked over 39,000 times and Moss has been blown away by the positive coverage he's received as a result.

He thinks someone else he knows very well deserves it more than he does.

“Although I appreciate the love, likes, and kind words … it’s absolutely crazy that this all happened because I washed a couple bottles,” Moss wrote as a follow-up on Facebook.

“If anyone should get the credit it should be people like my wife!”

To that end, Moss added a new photo of his wife breastfeeding the couple's child and said she "amazes" him.

While many around the Internet (such as these students and their unique Call Me Maybe cover) are dedicated to removing the stigma attached to breastfeeding, Moss is the first famous male to do so.

He concludes:

“I am sincerely blown away that more guys don’t support their women and children with #breastfeeding.

"I could go on and on about how happy I am to be a little piece of a movement that I didn’t even know existed, but also a little saddened to realize how few men (or better put, ‘males’) don’t do the simplest task like washing a bottle.”

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