Josh Duggar: Trooper Who Investigated Case Attempted Suicide

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One of the more troubling parts of the Josh Duggar scandal (as if anything isn't troubling) is the role of former Arkansas state trooper Joseph T. Hutchens.

Josh and Michelle Duggar

Hutchens was the officer who received the report, years ago, that Josh Duggar admitted to molesting underage girls, including his own sisters.

At the time, Hutchens didn’t file a report.  And consequently, Josh got away with the repulsive crime that has rocked the 19 Kids and Counting family.

It isn’t surprising that Hutchens didn’t file a report because he is also a predator.  The disgraced officer is serving nearly 60 years behind bars on child pornography charges.

However, the guilt of his crimes may have been too much.

According to Arkansas state court documents, an officer claims he found 69-year-old Hutchens in 2010 “lying in a pool of blood in a holding cell at Benton County’s detention center.

On April 8, 2010, Hutchens was found “lying on the floor of the cell, covered in blood and in the fetal position.”

Hutchens claimed her fell from the top bunk.  But a cop found a suicide note in his cell.

The state documents include a copy of the note.

It begins with Bible passages about withholding judgment: 

“My heavenly Father, please forgive me!” he wrote in all caps.

The note continued, “To my girls, please remember the dad you used to know.”  He then left burial instructions.

“I would like to be cremated. No services with a headstone in the national cemetery please,” he requested.

Obviously, Hutchens survived the suicide attempt and his finishing out his sentence in jail.

Jim Bob, Josh Duggar’s father, told police in 2003 that he and Josh told Hutchens about the sexual assault.  Recently, it has surfaced that Jim Bob’s initial report was grossly understated...aka he lied.

Hutchens told Jim Bob there was “nothing else to do” about the situation.  His neglect should also be considered a crime!

Last week, Hutchens told In Touch that he thought the abuse only occurred once and that he regrets not taking action.

“I thought what I did was right— obviously it wasn’t,” Hutchens says. “The young girl should have been my top priority. I feel terrible. I have lost lots of sleep over this.”

It is difficult to have compassion toward Hutchens knowing that he is a sexual predator and allowed Josh to get away with his crimes.

But hopefully prison is serving as a source of rehabilitation and reflection.

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