Duggar Lies Exposed: Josh Was Guilty of More Than "Mild Touching," Source Says

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On Friday night, Jill and Jessa Duggar were interviewed by Megyn Kelly on Fox News, and the newly-married young women were very sympathetic.

But while their story is sadly relatable to far too many women, many found their obviously coached, scripted responses to be baffling, if not infuriating.

Jessa and Jill Duggar Interview Photo

Both claimed that the media's treatment of the Josh Duggar sexual abuse scandal was "1000 times worse" than anything Josh did to his siblings.

Jill even went so far as to say that by revealing the truth about her family's struggles, people may be hurting other sexual assault victims.

The media may thus be discouraging other families from reporting instances of child abuse to the proper legal authorities, she argued.

The sisters reserved much of their criticism for In Touch Weekly, claiming that the celebrity news magazine exploited them like porn stars.

Now, In Touch, the first to break the story, is hitting back with a rundown of the lies the Duggars told in their interviews with Fox News.

In Touch reports that the Duggars worked very closely with a "crisis manager" in the days leading up to their bit sit-down with Kelly.

The siblings were encouraged to hide the truth about Josh's prolonged, "compulsive" abuse of his sisters, according to reports.

It seems the most egregious lies told by the family concern the severity of Josh's abuse, which they have attempted to downplay.

Dismissed as "mild touching" by Jessa Duggar and her parents, Josh's behavior was shockingly aggressive and got worse with time:

  • He molested them while they were sleeping;
  • He molested a 5-year-old while she sat on his lap;
  • He cornered an unidentified girl in the family's laundry room and put his hand up her dress;
  • He eventually got so bold that he assaulted a victim outside of the family's home. 

The family spoke frequently of the "safeguards" in the Duggar home that were designed to prevent further abuse ... but failed miserably. 

In fact, many believe that Josh's attacks got progressively worse in the year after he first confessed his crimes to his parents.

As previously reported, it took approximately 16 months before Jim Bob and Michelle decided to report him to the authorities.

"None of them acknowledged that this is predatory behavior," psychologist Dr. Paula Bruce, who hasn't treated them, tells the magazine.

"It's classic. It's got dominance and exploitation. That's a pattern of someone who is becoming more sexually compulsive and increasingly so."

In Touch also claims that Josh did not receive mental health counseling from a licensed therapist until more than five years after he confessed..

Moreover, the Duggar family did not, as they claim, "fully cooperate" with the various investigations into Josh's sexual misconduct.

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