Disney to Johnny Depp: No More Booze on Pirates Set!

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Leave it to the suits at Disney to put a cork in Captain Jack's bottle of rum.

According to Radar Online, producers of Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Holy Crap, They're Making Another? had an intervention with Johnny Depp this week and convinced the famously eccentric actor that the only way shooting can continue is if he curbs his wild ways.

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That means no more going MIA, no more smuggling dogs into Australia, and most of all, no more drinking.

“Disney execs are tired of Johnny’s shenanigans," says one source. "They’ve told him in no uncertain terms that he needs to clean up his act and concentrate on making the movie!”

“He had a big sit-down with the head of Disney Pictures, as well as producer Jerry Bruckheimer, his agents and a few close friends. Basically, they told Johnny he had to get his act together.

It might seem a tad ridiculous to lay out a list of a dos and don'ts for a 52-year-old millionaire (especially since Captain Jack's rum-drunk swagger helped earn Depp his first Oscar nomination), but those closest to the iconic actor and scarf enthusiast say that his behavior has gotten out of hand in recent weeks.

In addition to illegally sneaking his dogs Down Under, Depp disappeared from the set back in April, allegedly as the result of a bender that got out of hand. 

Rumors that Depp's partying has reached a dangerous extreme began to circulate last year after the actor gave an obviously drunk speech at the Hollywood Film Awards.

Some fans are concerned, while others realize the guy used to party with Hunter S. Thompson, and we should be happy he's not using 2-gallon bovine hypodermics to inject toxic cocktails of Wild Turkey and mescaline directly into his navel.

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