Charlize Theron Dumped Sean Penn in Brutal Fashion, Source Claims

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Last week, we reported that Charlize Theron and Sean Penn had broken up unexpectedly after 18 months together.

Theron and Penn were engaged and living together, and sources say they were spotted smiling and holding hands in public just days before the split.

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron

Needless to say, the breakup came as something of a surprise to one party, and insiders say Charlize dumped Sean completely out of the blue.

Worse, she reportedly did so in particularly brutal fashion.

“Charlize stopped responding to his calls and texts,” an insider tells Us Weekly. “She just cut it off.”

Yes, Charlize apparently cut off all contact with Sean until he eventually got the message. It's a practice known as "ghosting," and it's considered by many to be the most heartless way to end a relationship.

The straight-to-voicemail treatment is deemed appropriate only when the ghosted party has engaged in some form of unforgivable behavior, so many believe the notoriously unstable Penn might be guilty of sleeping around or allowing his notorious temper to get the better of him once again.

(Given Penn's history of abusive behavior, we're leaning toward the latter, but there have been rumors of Penn cheating.)

We'll probably never know for sure what exactly caused the split, but from the way things ended, we're Sean learned a valuable lesson:

Don't mess with Furiosa. 

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