Charlize Theron Dumped Sean Penn Due to Abuse, Alcoholism, Source Claims

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Last week, we reported that Charlize Theron and Sean Penn broke up after 18 months of dating.

Penn and Theron just got engaged in December, so most people assumed that the abrupt split had something to do with Penn's long history of being an a-hole.

Now it turns out that assumption was absolutely correct.

Sean Penn, Charlize Theron Red Carpet Pic

The first clue that Penn's drunken douchebaggery was the cause of the break up came when we learned that Charlize dumped Sean in brutal fashion by cutting off all contact and giving him the straight-to-voicemail treatment. 

Some believe that approach was a bit extreme, and she should have at least done him the courtesy of explaining what he did wrong.

According to the new issue of Star magazine, however, Penn totally knows what he did...unless he blacked out before it happened.

“Charlize refuses to tell anyone the specifics, but they had a fight that left her completely shaken,” says ONE insider. “Sean later blamed alcohol and begged her not to leave him.

“When the split came, no one was surprised,” says one of Charlize’s pals. “Charlize is extremely sensitive toward physical or verbal abuse; she just won’t stand for it.”

Yeah, blaming it on the alcohol only works for Jamie Foxx and possibly Don Draper.

If you're a red-faced, bigoted dumbass who's a good twenty years past the peak of his career, and you somehow landed one of the hottest, most talented women in Hollywood, you can't get away with even one drunk tantrum.

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