Casper Smart: Caught Cheating on Jennifer Lopez AGAIN?!

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Back in March, after months of speculation, we learned that Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are back together.

More accurately, we learned that Casper and J-Lo never broke up, but instead pretended that they were both single so that they could use rumors about co-star hookups to promote upcoming projects.

We guess it made a ton of sense to their agents, but it didn't exactly translate to huge box office success for Jen's The Boy Next Door.

Anyway, Casper and Jen dated in secret for a while, and now it seems his relationship with Jen isn't the only thing the Friendly Ghost was keeping on the down-low.

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Sources tell In Touch that for several months, Casper carried on a romance with Lebanese pop star Haifa Wehbe behind Jen's back.

“They began a secret affair that lasted until this spring," says the insider.

"J-Lo saw texts between Casper and Haifa, that’s how she uncovered the affair. She became possessive and controlling. She was furious and forced him to sever all ties with Haifa.

“Casper had told Haifa that he and Jennifer were broken up, so Haifa was shocked to see him turn up at the Billboard Music Awards with J. Lo."

You might recall that Casper was caught cheating on Jen with transgender model Sofia Vissa around this time last year.

She obviously forgave him, but sources say J-Lo is seriously pissed this time. In fact, Casper's latest infidelity could very well lead to another fake breakup! That'll teach him!

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