Bristol Palin Posts Gun Photo, Fires (Verbal) Shots at SCOTUS, Lena Dunham

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Pregnant Bristol Palin posted a photo of herself shooting a gun this week, and fired some verbal shots on the blog post she added along with it.

Bristol Palin Gun Photo

"She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come," Bristol wrote on Instagram, citing the Biblical Proverbs 31:25.

That verse focuses on virtuous women; Bristol Palin got pregnant out of wedlock for the second time earlier this year by Dakota Meyer.

She later revealed her baby daddy and said that it was not an accident that she got knocked up ... but admits she "got ahead of herself."

Palin and Meyer called off their wedding Memorial Day Weekend.

The gun picture shows her in blue shorts, sneakers, and a hoodie that conceals her baby bump, as she hoists up a gun and prepares to fire.

Palin also updated her blog on Tuesday, June 30, to fire some verbal shots about her pro-life stance in light of a recent, controversial ruling.

The SCOTUS is squarely in her blogging crosshairs this week.

"In another outrageous move this week, the Supreme Court temporarily blocked a common-sense abortion regulation in Texas," Palin wrote.

Overturning a popular vote, "five unelected judges are once again putting their policy preferences above those of the American people."

Palin also called out Girls star Lena Dunham, whom she also slammed in the wake of Josh Duggar molestation scandal, for some reason.

When stars like Dunham celebrate rulings such as this, "what is happening here is placing the murder of babies on a pedestal," Palin wrote.

"How can these pro-abortion advocates claim to be pro-women?"

"They won’t even support laws that are designed to ensure women get safe and quality health care? And they call me hypocritical!?!"

Yes, we do, but it has nothing to do with abortion or Lena Dunham ... just the fact that she was advocating abstinence and getting paid.

Bristol was paid more than $300,000 as an abstinence advocate after her first pregnancy, when she first became an unwed teen mom.

These days, not much as changed ... she's just 24 and not 17.

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