Brian Williams to be Fired From NBC Nightly News This Week?

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It's been four months since Brian Williams was fired from the NBC Nightly News, and if the veteran anchor was hoping that diehard fans would be clamoring for his return, then he's likely been sorely disappointed.

After Williams was caught lying about his experiences in Iraq and was accused of fabricating or exaggerating several other tales of journalistic heroism, the network benched him for six months without pay.

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During that time, Lester Holt has proven a more than adequate substitute, and the broadcast has held steady in the ratings game.

As predicted, NBC execs are now struggling to figure out what to do with Williams, as bringing him back to the anchor's desk after such a long absence would likely be viewed by many as a jarring and unnecessary change.

Now, a source tells the New York Post that Williams will almost certainly not be returning to the job that made him a household name.

"It is likely he won’t be back in the ‘Nightly’ anchor chair," says the insider. "A decision could be made as early as this week, if all sides can reach an agreement.”

The source adds that Williams "will not go down without a fight," and will likely demand a large portion of his $10 million contract.

Execs are reportedly hoping to keep him on board in a different capacity (perhaps as the host of a late night MSNBC series) in order to avoid an ugly split.

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