Yolanda Foster Returns From International Stem Cell Treatment, Shares Photo of Many Medications

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It's been almost three years since Yolanda Foster was diagnosed with Lyme disease, and while her illness has taken an unimaginable toll on her mind and body, the reality star's spirit remains wholly unbroken.

Through her unbelievably brave Instagram diary, Yolanda has shared the ups and downs of her battle with astonishing candor.

Her social media sites have offered a wealth of information not only to fans of the former Real Housewife, but also to those who are struggling with Lyme disease themselves, as Foster goes into detail about the experimental treatments that she receives, some of which are illegal in the US.

Yolanda Foster With Medication

Yolanda spent the past several weeks in Germany receiving stem cell treatments. She returned home yesterday, and showed that her sense of humor is still intact by posting the above photo with a caption reading, "Home and back to my full-time job."

The "full time job" remark is likely a reference both to the 'round-the-clock self-care necessitated by Yolanda's condition, and to the fact that sources say Foster has quit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills due to the toll taken by her illness.

So sadly, the Housewife that seemed to be the favorite of both fans and her fellow castmates will not be returning next season.

Fortunately, Foster remains a presence on Instagram, where she serves as a constant inspiration to her hundreds of thousands of followers.

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