The Bachelorette Spoilers: Who Does Kaitlyn Bristowe Pick? Shocking Ending REVEALED!

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As The Bachelorette spoilers predicted weeks ago, Kaitlyn Bristowe bested her co-Bachelorette Britt Nilsson to keep the job after the guys' vote.

As the spoilers also told us ... Nick Viall is back for another shot at love/15 minutes of fame after his failed pursuit of Andi Dorfman last season.

How does Kaitlyn's journey end, however? You will be very surprised ...

Thanks to the Terrible TV Soothsayer, the Oracle of Bachelorette Spoilers, Reality Steve, we most likely know how the entire saga plays out.

And it's going to be pretty wild. Almost literally unprecedented.

Yes, The Bachelorette spoilers have been wrong before, and yes, there are plenty of twists not even Steve can see coming. But he knows his stuff.

He's not in the business of being wrong, and we don't suspect he is here. So with that grain of salt, let's get into what his spoilers say we can expect.

After the guys eliminated Britt, Brady Toops eliminated himself, Chris Harrison eliminated Ryan McDill and Kaitlyn eliminated a handful of others ...

Here's who's left heading into the second week:

  1. Ben Zorn
  2. Daniel Finney
  3. Kupah James
  4. Ben Higgins
  5. Corey Stansell
  6. Tanner Tolbert
  7. Jared Haibon
  8. Justin Reich
  9. Clint Arlis
  10. Shawn Booth
  11. Cory Shivar
  12. Ryan Beckett
  13. Ian Thomson
  14. Tony Harris
  15. JJ Lane
  16. Chris Strandburg
  17. Jonathan Holloway
  18. Joshua Albers
  19. Joe Bailey

Well, May 25 will be the end of the road for Daniel Finney and Cory Shivar at the rose ceremony, with Kupah James eliminated beforehand.

With that said, let's break down all of the future episodes ...

Episode 3: June 1 (16 guys down to 14)

Eliminations: Tony and Clint, both pre-rose ceremony.

Episode 4: June 8 (14 guys down to 11, plus 1)

At some point on this episode, Kaitlyn told the guys that a guy from a previous season came up to her during a group date and asked to be on the show.

That guy, obviously, was Nick Viall.

Last season's runner-up, who was crushing on Kaitlyn for awhile beforehand, wants in. The guys were against the idea of Nick Viall returning. Shocker.

Nevertheless, she met with Nick and they made out. He joined the cast from that point on and became one of Kait's favorites, somewhat incredibly.

Eliminations: Corey Stansell, Ryan Beckett and Jonathan Holloway.

Episode 5: June 15 (12 guys down to 9)

Eliminations: Justin Reich, Joshua Albers and Ian Thomson (self-eliminated).

Episode 6: June 22 (9 guys down to 6)

Eliminations: Tanner Tolbert, Ben Zorn and JJ (out after two-on-one date).

Episode 7: June 29 (6 guys down to 3)

Eliminations: Joe Bailey, Jared Haibon, and Chris Strandburg.

There are apparently no hometown dates for the top three.

Episode 8: July 6 (3 guys down to 2)

The overnight dates took place on this episode.

Elimination: Ben Higgins.

Episode 9: July 13 ("Hometown" Dates)

That's right, only two guys got hometown dates, and they weren't really hometown dates, as both Nick Viall and Shawn Booth went to Utah for them.

Both dudes' families were flown out, too.

What's not clear is whether there is even a rose ceremony, because the finale isn't for another two weeks after this installment. Big change of pace.

What is clear is that Nick Viall and Shawn Booth are the final two, meaning the former is on the cusp of "fiance type stuff" for the second year in a row.

Will his dreams actually come true this time?

Episode 10, July 20 (Men Tell All Special)

Episode 11: July 27 (The Finale)

In another twist, Kaitlyn Bristowe and the guys travel back to the Los Angeles mansion where it all began and the final rose ceremony is held there.

But the biggest twist of all is yet to come ...

Pulling the old Brad Womack out of nowhere, Kaitlyn REJECTS BOTH NICK AND SHAWN and leaves the show as single as the day she started!

Oh yes. She is a single woman right now.

Obviously, there will be doubters and again, The Bachelorette spoilers have been wrong before. But we would wager very heavily that this is the truth.

Perhaps the most interesting component to this is the fact that Britt Nilsson and Brady Toops are still dating, while Kaitlyn picks no one. The irony.

It will be also fascinating to see the trolls come after her for "leading people on" etc., when in reality, isn't Kaitlyn doing the opposite by bailing now?

You can expect, in any case, Nick, Shawn and Kait to tweet a lot of stuff and tease a lot of details that could be interpreted to mean this is all wrong.

Otherwise, why would people even tune in?

As for Nick Viall, wow. WOW. Getting dumped on consecutive season finales of The Bachelorette is brutal, and you can expect he won't take it well.

Why was he even allowed to go back on the show after blatantly hollering at Kaitlyn beforehand? Why did he want to so badly? We may never know.

The After the Final Rose special where he asks why Kaitlyn made love to him (assuming they did) will make for some high quality TV if nothing else.

Seriously, how awkward is that going to be?

Finally, if producers have their way, they'll likely make Josh Murray the next Bachelor next winter ... not Shawn Booth and sure as hell not Nick.

UPDATE: A shocking bedroom twist has thrown a wrench into all of this. And Snapchat. Don't have sex and Snapchat, you kids.

If you missed The Bachelorette spoilers to end all spoilers. Kaitlyn was with the winner. In bed. Last month. Then shared a video.

The video was quickly deleted, but not before fans screen grabbed pics from it, because Internet. And you can't upload old videos.

Bottom line: Kaitlyn Bristowe was sharing her bed with Shawn Booth. Not a Shawn Booth lookalike and sure as hell not Nick Viall.

This took place after the show finished taping.

Amazingly, Kaitlyn and Shawn get engaged, proving the previous Bachelorette spoilers wrong, and she blew the lid off of it herself.

Just when you thought you'd seen everything.

What do you think of The Bachelorette spoilers above? Do you believe them? We'll see soon enough. Hit the comments!

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