Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 9 Recap: Hitting a Wall

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Tensions were already simmering on MTV, but things officially reached the "Boiling Point" on multiple fronts on Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 9.

Tempers flared among each of the fab four last night, for various reasons.

The episode featured a blowout fight in Vegas, a car crash that led to concerns over children's safety, and plenty of mother-daughter tension.

Let's break down what happened with each woman on Teen Mom: OG ...

Picking up where things left off last week, the newly-engaged Amber Portwood and Matt Baier went to Las Vegas to celebrate that. Or just life.

In any case, someone was staring at her and she became anxious at dinner, leading Matt to declare that she's a different girl with cameras on.

That didn’t go over well. Amber got pissed. Matt reiterated his point.

“It’s so f--ked up that you would even say that about me,” Amber told Matt Baier, incredulous at his allegations. “That I change for the cameras.”

“Grow up! Can you do that for the cameras?” Matt responded.

Speaking of being a different person in front of the cameras ... Matt evidently flipped the f--k out and punched a wall in the couple's hotel room.

MTV personnel weren't around to catch that, but it was bad, so ... the duo went to see a psychic to see if they could salvage their relationship.

Obviously. At the end of an INTENSE session, Amber and Matt were told, "There is no right path or wrong path ... just the path you choose.”

Wow. This wasn't a contrived, nonsense storyline or anything.

Far more serious was Maci Bookout's car accident, which left the pregnant mom of Bentley without serious injuries but very much rattled.

When her Jeep ran into a car with a blown-out tire, the pregnant Maci’s car flipped three times with Bentley on board. That sounds horrifying.

The worst of it, though, was Maci learning that her baby daddy Ryan Edwards was also involved in serious car accident, but ... he no currrrr.

Ryan admitted he wasn't wearing a seatbelt, and when Maci asked him if Bentley sits in a car seat, Ryan said, “Sometimes, not all the time."

"When I don’t have one, it’s not a big deal .... when I was his age, I didn’t wear one. The law says you gotta, but I don’t really push the issue.”

Wow. Ryan Edwards: Father of the Year 2015 nominee.

Over on the Farrah Abraham front, she and her mom Debra wanted to revamp their Italian pepper sauce business (seriously) at a convention.

We could not make that plot point up if we tried, THGers.

Given her lucrative new career pursuits (it's not a porn, it's a sex tape, we know), Farrah was not exactly thrilled about the old family business.

The fact that her mom is involved makes her more heated than any pepper sauce. It's clear there is some deep distrust between these two.

“Even if we did have an agreement, I really don’t think things would change between ourselves,” Farrah told her mom. “I’ve already tried to help."

"I don’t think I’m the proper help for you ... and I’m not going to be around somebody who thinks everything is right their way and doesn’t listen."

When Farrah’s dad told her she didn’t have to work with her mom professionally if she didn’t want to, well, Deb was very far from pleased.

So, so awkward and dysfunctional. Explains a lot, really.

Catelynn Lowell was also growing upset in a different way - with worry, about her weight, in advance of her upcoming wedding to Tyler Baltierra.

When she was unable to get her dress over her boobs, which are understandably larger having just had a baby, poor Cate was pretty upset.

Tyler was not helping by urging his girl to lose the weight.

“You’re horrible! When you say things that makes me not want to do it even more,” a frustrated Cate said in response to his "encouragement."

Fortunately, they talked things out and were soon okay.

“I’m sorry, babe,” Tyler said, in keeping with the Tyler fans who watch Teen Mom online have come to know, love and respect over the years.

“I can’t wait! You’re going to be beautiful no matter what.”

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