Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 7 Recap: Who's Engaged? Who's Back? Who's in LOVE!?

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Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 7 saw someone get engaged, while someone bonded with a new baby, and someone else wanted to get engaged.

Meanwhile, someone had a change of heart about filming, and a romance began to blossom. Can you guess the O.G. stars who were involved?

With this crew, life milestones are so abundant that you'd be hard-pressed to keep them all straight! So let's break it all down in the recap below ...

Suffice it to say, Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 7 was a memorable one for Amber Portwood and Matt Baier, her new beau. Or should we say ...

Fiance! Matt, who is 19 years her senior, popped the question with a diamond ring in the middle of their favorite diner. And Ambs said yes!

People have suggested the producers set up this whole scene to make Amber Portwood and Matt Baier engaged for the sake of a storyline alone.

We sort of doubt that, as Portwood's longtime ex Gary Shirley and Kristina Anderson just had a baby, and Amber and Matt went to bring it gifts.

In any case, Amber’s cousin Krystal threw shade on the engagement, telling her she worries Amber is "moving too fast .. it’s just weird to me."

“You have the same concerns we do, but when you love somebody, you love them,” Amber said, and we suppose time will tell if that love lasts.

Speaking of love, Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran are over the moon. “Honestly, hopefully this is ‘The One,’” Farrah told her glam squad.

“I know you don’t look at me as others do, like the public and all that negativity,” she told her laid back beau, who just nodded approvingly.

“I feel like if I’ve got a girl who does get attention, then that means I’ve done something right,” Simon told the cameras ... which says a lot.

Meanwhile, down in Tennessee, Maci Bookout peaced out of Teen Mom because Farrah returned in what really felt like a scripted plot line.

What do you know, one week later and she's back now!

“I was really upset when I found out Farrah was back on the show, but I thought a lot about it, and I came up with a solution,” Bookout explained.

However, there is a caveat, as she feels she must protect her little boy. “We’re filming, but Bentley is not filming. I’m not against Farrah," she said.

"I just don’t necessarily think that it’s appropriate for a 6-year-old to be on the same TV show when they’re talking about [Farrah Abraham's lifestyle].”

Fair enough, we suppose, but her ex, and Bentley's father, Ryan Edwards posed a good question: “If I did porn, would you still film if I was on it?"

"If they let me cover ‘it’ up with like a hat or something?”

We really hope to find out the answer to that soon.

Bookout had a good laugh at that, but she wasn't in a joking mood when it came to Taylor McKinney, who put a baby in her but not a ring on her.

“I feel like there’s no point in waiting,” Maci said, to which he replied, “I mean, I already feel like I’m married to you ... you bitch like a married woman."

We give these two six months at this point.

Finally, if you watch Teen Mom online, you know Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have been waiting for this moment to come for five years.

All this time after they gave Carly up for adoption, they brought home newborn daughter Novalee REIGN from the hospital and couldn’t be happier.

“I feel like this is a dream,” Catelynn told Tyler. “When we left the hospital, they took me out the same doors they took me out with Carly""

"I just get emotional because I just love her," Lowell confided in her longtime partner and best friend. "I’m thankful we actually got to take her home.”

“You’re the strongest woman I’ve ever met,” Tyler gushed, while Carly's adopted parents even sent the duo some of her old baby clothes!

Is it a little dusty in here or is it just us?!

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