Stephanie March: My Taste Buds Made Bobby Flay Famous!

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Bobby Flay’s wife, Stephanie March, isn’t going to make their divorce easy.  

Reports surfaced in April that Flay and March split after a decade of marriage, and now it is starting to get weird. Why you ask?

Because Stephanie is claiming her taste buds made her estranged husband famous.

Bobby Flay and Stephanie March

According to TMZ, in an attempt to undo their prenup, March has filed legal documents claiming her taste tests helped him become a celebrity chef.

March swears Bobby told her she has “an amazing palate” and that he counted on her to taste test his recipes. Yes, this is an actual legal claim.

She claims that her taste for the food determined if the finished product made it to the table or not.

Specially, according to her, her taste tests were used at Flay’s NYC restaurant, Bar American. 

In her argument to the judge, she is what made his famous NYC restaurant, Bolo, so successful.

On a trip to Spain, she was inspired by the tapas.  So she encouraged Flay to include tapas on the Bolo menu.

Initially, Flay was against the idea. But Stephanie won him over, and Bolo became a huge success.  The restaurant even earned 3 stars from the New York Times.

Stephanie argues that she was so deeply ingrained in the development, design, and ambiance of the restaurants that she even selected the music and lighting.

The current prenup provides March with $5,000 a month.  If her argument works, she could be awarded much more.

This recent news is just one bit in a dramatic divorce story. In April, rumors came forth that Bobby had a three-year long affair

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