Sofia Vergara to Nick Loeb: No Embryos For You, Sucka!!

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Sofia Vergara is taking her former fiance Nick Loeb to task over his quest to have her baby without her (yes, you read that correctly).

If you missed it, Loeb wants to have Sofia's baby via fertilized embryos they created and had preserved back when they were a couple.

This came to light after he sued to stop her from destroying the embryos, a move he later defended by saying he just wants to be a dad.

Well, the 42-year-old Modern Family beauty is calling BS, claiming he had TWO chances to change the terms of the embryo contract.

Speaking on Howard Stern's radio show Monday morning, Sofia updated fans on the status of this odd legal dispute, and told her side.

A baby needs loving parents who get along, she convincingly argues, while in this case not only did they split, but Loeb has it out for her.

She also says Nick knew exactly what the fertility clinic contract said about his rights - both parties must agree to do anything, period.

He signed the contract with this stipulation two times, Vergara adds, and by making a huge deal of this now, he's just proving she was right.

To dump his ass, that is. We're pretty sure Joe Mangianello agrees. The two got together and got engaged not long after she booted Loeb.

All's well that ends well. Unless you're Nick.

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