Scott Disick Cheating Secrets Revealed: Does He Really Have a SCOUT Select His Side-Pieces?!

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Last week, Scott Disick's friend and former manager revealed that Disick has cheated on Kourtney Kardashian with "countless women" over the course of their 9-year relationship.

Disick and Kardashian

Now, details are emerging that make it appear as though the infidelities were not a result of Scott's alcoholism, but rather they were often pre-meditated and carefully planned.

In fact, sources claim Scott not only has an active Tinder account that he uses to meet women, he also has a staffer whose sole job is to seek out cheating partners for Disick.

A woman named Jessica Hannah Osbourne tells Hollywood Life that she was approached by Scott's "scout" during Disick's recent drunken trip to the UK.

“[She] was very friendly and somewhat apologetic for Scott’s demeanor on the evening," says Osbourne of Scott's employee. "She said Scott was 'scouting' for women to take back to the hotel to party."

This allegedly took place on the same night that Disick showed up drunk to a paid appearance and consequently got sued by a British nightclub owner.

As usual, Kourtney is reportedly turning a blind eye to her baby daddy's philandering ways.

A source for the Kardashian family has responded to the controversy and describes the cheating allegations as "total bullsh-t."

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