Robert Durst Pees on CVS Candy Rack in Bizarre New Video

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It's been almost two months since Robert Durst was arrested in connection with the murder of Susan Berman, and the wealthy real estate heir has been held without bail ever since.

But even though Durst is currently incarcerated in a prison mental-health facility outside of New Orleans and has had no contact with the press (with the possible exception of one bizarre letter about opera and the NFL sent to an LA Times reporter), strange stories about the 72-year-old accused serial killer seem to surface on an almost daily basis.

First we learned of Durst's habit of slaughtering his pet dogs, possibly as practice for murdering a human.

Shortly thereafter, the judge in Durst's first murder trial accused him of leaving a cat's head on her doorstep as an act of revenge.

The latest Durst drama comes in the form of a video released by his lawyers last night. Thankfully, it in no way involves violence toward animals:

In the clip, Durst can be seen cashing out at a CVS store in Houston. Without warning, Durst unzips his pants and begins urinating on the candy display in front of him.

The employee behind the counter says nothing, and the other customer in line simply moves to another register. In a sense, the scene encapsulates Durst's life on the run and his strange ability to avoid prosecution:

For some reason, when Robert Durst engages in shocking behavior, those around him simply look the other way.

Durst's lawyers claim that the incident was a "medical mishap" and though he was not arrested, Durst later turned himself over to authorities and paid several thousand dollars in damages.

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