Rachel Uchitel to Tiger Woods: Call Me Maybe!

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Is there a chance Rachel Uchitel and Tiger Woods could actually get back together? Not likely at all ... but they are both single at this moment in time!

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With Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn breaking up over the weekend after three years of dating, the golf great is back on the prowl once again.

As for Rachel Uchitel, once Tiger's O.G. mistress, she just broke up with former baseball star Bret Boone. This has to be some sort of alchemy.

This wouldn't be a story - it probably just isn't - but TMZ actually claims Rachel is weighing in on Tiger and his new single, ready to mingle status.

Sources close to Rachel say she says the two "loved each other very much," but "it was humiliating and devastating to have to break up that way."

By "breakup that way" she means Elin Nordegren finding out he was boning Rachel while they were married, then wielding a nine-iron at a fleeing SUV.

Uchitel was outed in the media and then agreed to a settlement with Woods, in the eight figures reportedly. In any case, that was five years ago.

Long enough to heal all wounds? "He would have to do some major apologizing to get back in my good graces, that's for sure," Rache says, supposedly.

Somehow we doubt Tiges would hit it again, but on the flip side, she was probably a great lay, and it clearly didn't hurt his golf game at the time.

Nor would it make things any worse for him now. Dude was on top of the golf world when he was up in that. Now he can barely finish an event.

Just saying.

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