Nick Loeb: Sofia Vergara Abused and Bullied Me!!

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The legal battle between Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb is getting uglier.

Not only are Vergara and Loeb have been fighting over frozen embryos, new documents tell a tale of a bitter battle that may have even turned abusive.

According to new reports, during the span of their four year relationship, Vergara punched, kicked, berated, and bullied her boyfriend turned fiance.

Nick Loeb NYC Ballet Gala
Sofia Vergara at the 2014 Emmys

Newly released court documents that were filed in August 2014 claim that the Modern Family star became abusive during a November 2013 altercation.

The report says, she “began vigorously berating” him when he questioned her for signing a document that stipulated the embryos were to be thawed and one should be destroyed.

Shockingly, the documents reveal that “such abuse was unfortunately common in the Parties’ relationship, as [Vergara] was on many occasions physically, emotionally and mentally abusive to [Loeb].”

“For example, she physically abused him on four separate occasions: she punched him in the face on two occasions, kicked him, and threw her phone at his head.”

Loeb claimed his estranged wife “routinely bullied him, calling him a ‘loser,’ ‘worthless,’ and other degrading names” during their relationship.

Apparently, Loeb acted to pacify Vergara’s behavior.  He said that he signed the document in question “even though he did not agree with it, in order to avoid further abuse.”

Loeb’s recollection of the incidents seem to differ from other’s though.  An insider said, “Sofia never got physical with Nick, it just didn’t happen” 

“Did they fight? Yes, and a lot, which is why they broke up. But to portray it as Sofia being mentally abusive towards Nick is reckless, and just not true.”

The embattled couple has been the center of attention as they have publicly fought over two embryos they had frozen when they were still together in 2013.

Loeb wants to have Sofia's baby, keeping the embryos and using a surrogate mother to deliver them, then raising the child(ren) on his own.

Clearly, Vergara refuses to give the embryos to Loeb, given that they broke up and she's now engaged to Joe Mangianello.

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