Michael Seewald Defends Josh Duggar, Lashes Out at Haters

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Jessa Duggar's father-in-law has come to the passionate defense of Jessa Duggar's embattled older brother.

As most of the free world knows by now, the 27-year-old Josh Duggar admitted to sexual molestation of multiple young girls when he was a teenager.

Vaguely referencing these heinous acts in an apologetic statement Friday, Josh resigned from his job and TLC pulled 19 Kids and Counting from the air.

Now, Michael Seewald (the father of Ben Seewald) has taken to Facebook to lash out at the Duggars' haters and passionately defend Josh Duggar.

Dad and Duggar

"There is blood in the water and the sharks are in a feeding frenzy," Seewald wrote of critics in a blog post titled "Grace Greater Than Our Sin."

He continued:

"It pains me to see that they are now having to relive the nightmare that had been laid to rest well over a decade ago with Josh’s repentance and reformation.

"But I feel compelled to bring some context and reason to the bloodletting that many are engaging in and to come to the aid of our dear friends and family.

Michael's son married Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's daughter.

The Christian couple waited until marriage to share their first kiss and the pair announced that they were expecting their first baby this fall.

"As it stands criminal charges were not brought against Josh but I believe that Josh’s parents acted in a way that godly parents should," Michael wrote.

"They did not turn a blind eye, but earnestly sought help from the church, counselors, and eventually the police."

It remains unclear just what sort of assistance the Duggars did actually find for Josh, but they most definitely did not simply turn the matter over to the authorities.

Many believe they tried to cover it up, in fact.

Duggar's parents admitted Josh to a facility for psychological treatment soon afterward; there's even been talk that Josh sought treatment from an organization founded by an accused sex criminal.

Michael went on to try and comfort the victims (a few of which, allegedly, are Josh’s own sisters) before turning his attention to the family’s haters:

"There are others that see this episode as a result of sheltering and repressing human desires."

"They think that had he access to sex education by Planned Parenthood, been allowed to watch edgy Hollywood films, been encouraged to experimentation with a girlfriend, or gotten free condoms from the local school nurse, then none of this would have happened..."

The stupidity of some people is mind boggling.

"Fan the flames of youthful lust and you end up with what we have: unprecedented numbers of unwed mothers, millions of abortions, rampant STDs, and the unraveling of the fabric of our whole society."

"Josh didn’t sin because he was repressed, he sinned because like all of us he is a sinner."

In the end, Michael makes it clear: "The Seewald family stands with the Duggar family in solidarity."

Along with Michael Seewald, 2008 and possible 2016 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has also come out in defense of Josh Duggar.

Unlike the elder Seewald, fortunately, Huckabee has not compared Duggar haters to Hitler's doppelgangers ... at least not that we know of.

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