Marisa Miller: Nude and Angry for PETA!

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A photo of Marisa Miller nude is not exactly unusual.

This super mode has never been shy about taking off all her clothes, mostly because she gets paid to often do so and also because... well, look at her.

Why wouldn't you get naked a lot if you looked like Marisa Miller?!?

But the blonde-haired bombshell is donning her birthday suit in the following (NSFW!) picture not to make men drool; but to make all people think.

Marisa Miller Naked for PETA

Miller is featured in a new PETA campaign poster that protests the actions of SeaWorld and calls for a boycott of the famous tourist destination.

Posing naked in an empty bathtub, Miller is hoping to bring awareness to mother orcas who are separated from their calves, which are taken to separate parks and ultimately confined to tanks.

"Being a mom and seeing [the SeaWorld-critical documentary] 'Blackfish,' it was extremely emotional," Miller said, adding:

"I think any mother knows the sense of protection and connection you have with your baby."

Miller is pregnant with her second child, announcing in January that it will be a boy.

Via a statement to NPR, SeaWorld says it has "never moved a calf from a mom” and that they only take whales over the ages of 4 or 5, once they have established “independence."

We'll let readers debate the moral merits of this issue, though.

We just wanna stare at some Marisa Miller pictures!

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