Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: All Cuffed Up

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Last night on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 4 Episode 4, Khadiyah placed Yung Joc in a compromising position ... if you know what we mean!

NOTE: We don't even know what we mean.

Meanwhile, Kalenna prepared for her baby's arrival, Rasheeda had it out with Karlie, and an embattled Stevie J faced significant personal hurdles.

If you watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta online, you know Stevie and Joseline are at a crossroads, especially with the former checking in to rehab.

He wants her to make amends with his baby mama and stop smoking ... something. He doesn't say what. Cue Joseline Hernandez crack rumors.

Remember the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion fight? Yeah. You know there's just no reasoning with Joseline, whether she's on crack or not.

It's not surprising, then, that she basically balks at supporting Stevie J, who actually seems like he's trying to get right with the program. #SMH people.

Meanwhile, Karlie and Rasheeda are still fuming and feuding, and Margeaux is in town, because Nikko evidently invited her to the ATL. To LIVE.

She's not moving in with him, though, choosing instead to live nearby as they work on their marriage ... which he promptly did his best to torpedo.

Margeaux clearly didn't know the nature of the Mimi Faust sex tape or the state of their relationship until she moved, as Nikko lied via omission.

Never a good sign. Nor is the fact that Sina is still wondering what to do about Yung Joc, who is technically with Khadiyah, yet also banging her.

Complicated times in Hotlanta, people.

But hot times, oh goodness yes, given that Sinna got Joc on video, tapping dat ass and licking chocolate off of her body. Seriously.

Naturally, when presented with this evidence, Khadiyah set out for revenge, tying up Joc, pretending it was all part of a game, only to punish him.

Of course, this backfired when it turned the clueless hornball on. She was therefore forced to bluntly dump him, but even that didn't seem to take.

Still wants to work this out, he says.

Man. You almost have to commend people like this who won't take no for an answer, even if they are persistently smashing side pieces.

Elsewhere, Eric and Scrappy are battling over child support, and Kalenna has had her baby, but things aren’t exactly going great on the home front.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Jessica Dime is there to stir up trouble and emotions. This totally not-at-all scripted plot twist should be good indeed.

Later, having surprisingly agreed to go to therapy with him, Joseline told the pair's therapist that Stevie J is controlling and uses things against her.

According to him, Joseline likes to say that so that she doesn’t put herself out there, live an honest life or take responsibility for the things she does.

Is he right? Will she change her ways and will this relationship last? Only time will tell as the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta carousel keeps a turnin'.

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