Leah Messer: Kids Separated During Rehab Stay; Jeremy Calvert Nowhere to Be Found

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It's been almost four weeks since Leah Messer checked into rehab to be treated for prescription pill addiction and emotional distress. 

Just days before checking in, Messer was served with divorce papers by Jeremy Calvert, and many of her social media followers wondered where Leah's three kids would stay during her stint in treatment.

Now, Radar Online is reporting that Leah's three kids have been staying with different family members during her stint in rehab, but Jeremy Calvert was not one of the temporary guardians.

Leah Messer and 3 Daughters

Sources say Leah's youngest daughter Adalynn has been staying with her newly-married 20-year-old sister, Victoria Jones.

Messer's 5-year-old twins, Ali and Aleeah are rumored to be staying with their father, Corey Simms.

There's no word on why Jeremy didn't take temporary custody of his daughter during Leah's rehab stint, especially since he's reportedly fighting for sole parental rights in his upcoming divorce.

It's possible that Jeremy's work as a pipeline engineer had him on the road for the duration of Leah's treatment.

In fact, many believe that she intentionally timed things that way.

It was widely believed that Leah chose this month to enter rehab so that she can report to the judge that she's clean, sober and capable of caring for her kids before her divorce proceedings begin.

But the fact that Jeremy would be out of town and unable to take the opportunity to prove his skills as a father, may have been a welcome bonus, as well.

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