Kylie Jenner Deletes Weed-Smoking Snapchat Video; Who Told Her to Take It Down?

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Yesterday, Kylie Jenner posted a video on Snapchat in which she claimed to be "high as f--k."

Normally, Kylie posts racy selfies as generally does as she pleases on social media, but the weed-smoking clip was deleted just a few hours after it appeared online, leading many to believe that someone intervened.

A 17-year-old smoking pot isn't necessarily cause for concern, but Kylie has a lot of very young, very impressionable fans (as evidenced by the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge debacle) and it seems that somebody in her inner circle believed that the pot video might send the wrong message.

So to be clear: according to Kylie Jenner it's cool to date 25-year-olds while you;'re in high school, but for the love of God don;t smoke pot!

Anyway, we have no way of knowing who told Kylie to delete the clip, but it seems pretty unlikely that she decided to remove it herself.

That leaves her parents, her siblings, and her PR team. According to Radar Online, Kylie's parents let her do whatever she wants, and they almost certainly weren't the ones to make her delete the clip.

“She has no restraints on her and is basically allowed to do whatever she wants,” one insider says. "As long as Kylie keeps bringing in the money, she will be allowed to do as she does."

The source says there is one family member that Kylie listens to, and she may have played a role in the removal of the controversial clip:

“Khloe knows better, considering she lost a marriage to drugs,” says the insider, adding that Kylie is closer to Khloe than to any of the other Kardashians.

Wow. Seems like Khloe is everyone's favorite. It's almost like she's the only one in the family with any awareness of other people and their feelings. Just one more piece of evidence that the poor woman was switched at birth.

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