Kourtney Kardashian Sex Tape: Does it Exist?! Will it Hit the Internet?!

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Whispers of a Kourtney Kardashian sex tape have hit the Internet. Yes, it's true ... that there are rumors on this sexy subject. Wild ones, at that.

Whether the rumors are legit or not is another story. Let's recap:

Kourtney Kardashian Waving

According to Hollywood Life (the online equivalent of the National Enquirer and Star combined), the Kim Kardashian sex tape may have company.

Kourtney, 36, reportedly made a tape with a college boyfriend (who knew Kourtney even went to college) and is terrified that it might go public.

“Kourtney did make a sex tape,” an alleged source claims.

Moreover, she "also took a number of photos with her boyfriend in college ... [the tape] has surfaced from time to time, as people tried to sell it."

This, the insider says, "always scares Kourtney to death.”

“Kourtney never wants to see those materials reach the light of day. They are pretty graphic and she’s incredibly embarrassed about them."

The mother of three and the oldest, hottest and least annoying of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars "thinks of it as a youthful mistake."

Quite an impressive one if it's real (which we doubt). For as many times as we've seen Scott Disick drunk ... can you imagine if this were true?!

If Kourtney's wild ways ended up on par or eclipsing her belligerent boyfriend's, we don't even know what we'd do. Life as we know it would shift.

It's not even clear who this boyfriend was; Scott has been Kourtney's main squeeze, for better or worse, for around a decade at this point.

Not that there haven't been indiscretions. Scott’s former manager, David Weintraub, claims Scott cheats on Kourtney all the time when he's away.

Even more shockingly, she turns a blind eye to this willingly.

"In Las Vegas about a year ago, Scott and Tyga were at a strip club,” he told Life & Style. “Scott was doing drugs and making out with girls."

"Then he grabbed two strippers and went into a private room, where anything can happen ... he says they have an arrangement, kind of an open marriage."

“When he’s away, [Scott] can live the way he wants to live.”

Twisted stuff. Maybe Kris Jenner should have Kourtney leak her sex tape as a form of revenge ... although it might just turn Scott on. Who knows!

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