Kim Richards Will NOT Be Fired From The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as Long as She Completes Rehab

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Finally, some good news for Kim Richards.

Following Richards' drunken arrest, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star reluctantly agreed to go to rehab at the request of family, bosses and, of course, Dr. Phil.

Initial reports indicated that it was too little, too late and that Richards would be fired by producers while she was still completing her treatment.

Not the case.

Kim Richards on Set

Today, Radar reports that Bravo is pleased with the way Kim has complied with their demands, and execs have every intention of bringing her back for another season.

“The network is going to keep Kim on because she has adhered to everything that they’ve asked so far,” says one production insider.

“She checked into rehab and has agreed to go along with everything that her bosses asked of her. Kim is not a liability if she is clean and sober and doing what is asked of her. She knows the process because she has done it several times before.

“It seems that her contract with the studio and her job as a housewife actually helped her get sober, because she cannot afford to lose the money. Kim cannot stand the thought of not being famous.Being irrelevant scares her to death!"

Yes, Kim's addiction to alcohol has been overpowered by her addiction to fame and easy money.

Hey, at least the latter habits will be a little easier on her liver.

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