Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner: Caught in Bed By Selena Gomez?

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Earlier this week, a photo of Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner in bed surfaced on the latter's Instagram. But has this been an ongoing thing?

According to a new report, Kendall and Justin started hooking up while he was still with Selena Gomez ... who caught the two of them in the act!

Selena, Justin and Kendall

It has long been reported that Kendall and Justin are friends with benefits, and new intel suggests that setup began after Coachella last year.

A devastated Selena stunningly found out about what was going on first-hand, witnessing the ultimate betrayal with her own shocked eyes.

“After the Coachella festival last April, when Selena and Justin were still a couple, Selena showed up at his house," says a Life & Style source.

"She walked in on him and Kendall in bed together, fooling around,” the insider claims. “Selena was heartbroken and literally freaked out.”

Even more shockingly, she took Justin back for the 73rd time a few months after that, though the incident just ruined her friendship with Kendall.

“For months Selena sent her angry texts and insulted her,” the tabloid rag adds. “She was really mean to Kendall, but who could blame her?"

"She thought she was her friend.”

Maybe she was and maybe she wasn't, but regardless, rumors of Kendall and Justin railing each other have only intensified in recent months.

Still, when all three of the young stars were in the same place at the same time at the MET Gala on May 4, Justin was not ogling Kendall.

Instead, he made a point of telling the world that Selena Gomez looked gorgeous. No, really, he had cameras filming this declaration.

“Yo, Selena looked gorgeous at the Met Ball!” Bieber screamed out the window of his car, for reasons unknown to anyone at the event.

Maybe he's just so smitten by Gomez whenever he can't have her that he cannot help himself. That's Hollywood Life's theory anyway.

Justin spent the entire night gushing about his ex, says the web-loid: “Justin couldn’t take his eyes off Selena at the Met Ball."

"He said that she looked like a princess ... he played right into her aloofness, which just made him want her even more."

"It was perfect because this is exactly what Selena wanted.”

Really, Justin needs to have a threesome with Kendall and Selena and settle this once and for all. Surely one of them will bow out after that.

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