Josh Duggar Victims "Reliving the Horror" In Wake of Public Revelation, Source Says

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While his crimes took place well over a decade ago, it was only last week that the public learned about Josh Duggar molesting his sisters and several other young girls.

A coordinated effort by the Duggars and their handlers helped keep Josh out of jail and the accusations under wraps, but now that the truth is finally out, Josh's young victims are understandably feeling that old wounds have been reopened.

Joshua Duggar

“The girls are reliving the horror all over again,” an insider close to the Duggars tells Radar Online. “They thought the difficult times were behind them.

“The family thought they had moved past this. No one ever thought the story would come out for all to hear.”

The identities of the girls who were assaulted have not been revealed, but the court that made the decision to seal the Duggars' files has indicated that some of Josh's victims are still minors.

As Josh's string of attacks began in 2002, that means the girls were much younger than initially thought when they were assaulted.

It's unlikely that any further information will be revealed, as Josh sued the state of Arkansas to have his files sealed, and the rest of the usually-outspoken Duggar clan has gone radio silent. 

The fate of the reality show that made them famous is still unknown, but most experts believe 19 Kids and Counting will be canceled within the next week. 

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